Our Services

As a leading provider of specialty outsourced services to freight and passenger railways as well as transit operators in North America, Hallcon develops custom solutions for our customers while integrating Hallcon’s core values of Safety, Service and People.

Our success and the high level of satisfaction our customers have with our services, are a direct result of our determination to protect and maintain these core values.  At Hallcon, we partner with our clients for the long term.  We understand that each operation is unique and work with our clients to develop an innovative solution that meets their needs in a cost effective manner.

Crew Transportation Hallcon provides a solution for the logistical challenges facing the railways by offering safe, efficient and dependable transportation.

Crew Accommodation and Facility Cleaning Services Hallcon performs administration, cleaning and light maintenance of crew accommodation facilities, rail stations, and administrative offices for freight and passenger railways and transit operators.

Passenger Rail Coach, Bus and Station Cleaning Services Hallcon provides cleaning and light maintenance services to municipal, regional and national passenger rail and transit providers.

Station Attendant Services Hallcon works with transit operators to provide uniformed individuals placed at key locations around transit station platforms performing key functions.