Crew Transportation Services

Hallcon provides crew transportation and repositioning services to freight and passenger railways and transit operators across North America.  Hallcon has built a solid reputation in the industry as a result of our focus on Safety, Service and People.  Customers are dependent on Hallcon to move rail crews locally from train to train and over the road back to their home terminals.   Hallcon provides solutions for the logistical challenges facing rail and transit operators by offering safe, efficient and dependable transportation.

Hallcon performs the services directly in a fleet of company owned vehicles as well as through the administration of third party providers.  Hallcon’s turn key solution improves safety, on time performance, reduces operating costs, and allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Hallcon maintains strict vehicle maintenance, inspection and service standards to ensure every vehicle on the road is safe.  Hallcon applies consistent hiring standards across the entire organization and monitors its drivers’ hours to ensure they comply with applicable hours on duty regulations.

Hallcon integrates our proprietary WebTMS system with our clients systems and uses multiple layers of technology to maximize on time performance, monitoring, and coordination.  Hallcon works with our customers to develop seamless dispatch, billing and reporting processes.

Hallcon understands that the cost of the individual crew movements is very small in comparison to the cost of an idle train.  Moving more trains through a congested rail system in a safe and efficient manner is the best way to reduce the overall operating costs of our customers.

Hallcon has an established employment equity program and welcomes women, visible minorities, persons of aboriginal background and individuals with disabilities to apply for open positions.